How To Create An App Without Coding [2024 Updated]

How To Create An App Without Coding [2024 Updated]

How To Build An app No Coding Required

How To Create An App Without Coding [2024 Updated]
creating an app without coding knowledge 

To be honest and sincere creating an app can be a very difficult task to complete. As we all know android is the most used operating system in the world. As it is an open source software with tons of customizable features. It offers so may options to create your app even on iOS. It's excellent for creating small projects as it has great apps tailored to any programming language. It's 2023 and you want to create an app, but have no coding knowledge or programing languages to use. Is it still possible to create an app? The answer is yes! And totally free.

You can create apps like this: 

and published on Google play in minutes no code required! If you want to test these apps, Links are at the end of this post. If you are interested in creating any of the above this is a beginners guide.

How To Create An App Without Coding In 2024

How to Build an App Without Coding in 2024?
How to create an app without coding 2024

There are various ways to create incredible apps without writing a line of code in 2024. You can build stable, easy to use, functional, and physically appealing apps just using your smart phone or computer. There are various ways of creating apps Without code, that will be discussed be discussed below. However, this article will will serve as a step by step guide for beginners. Paramount among them, which is the most recommend and best platform to create no code apps for free. Below is a list of great ways to create apps without Coding in 2024, number 4 is a step by step guide on how to create no code apps in 2024.


The 8 best no-code app builders in 2023
AppsGeyser platform 

This is an outstanding platform to build apps without code. It provides multiple templates to building no code apps including chat apps like telegram and games. It is excellent for creating apps Without code and can be easily integrated with monetizing platforms. It provides you a dashboard with analytics such as number of downloads, active users and ads revenue. Also apps created with APPSGEYSER are completely free and can be published on the Google play store. There are a few limitations on the usage and you may need to purchase a pro account for full functionality.

2. Buzztouch

Andromo: No-Code iOS and Android native apps development platform
Buzz Touch

Buzz touch is another great platform to create no code apps in 2024. If you are looking to create both android and iOS apps, then buzz touch is the go to platform. It is open source and uses both android and iOS software developer kits (SDKs). It has a powerful app engine that can create any app with absolutely no code, just follow the prompts.

3. iBuild App

iBuild Apps

With iBuild App it's easy to create professional looking apps in just a few minutes. It has everything you will need to create a functional, user-friendly and intuitive android app. iBuild offers thousands of temples to build that excellent app for your business or website Using simple drag and drop option. The app builder of iBuild app can create, build and lauch your app in a matter of minutes; no coding required.

4. App Creator

How to Build an App Without Coding
App creator 

Well, app creator is the recommended app engine to create no code apps. It has everything thing you will need to create professional android apps. App creator provides incredible options to building apps. App creator app engine uses a complex combination of HTML5 and other programing languages such as java to build stunning app without writing a single line of code. Chose from thousands of unique templates and easily monetize and publish your app on the Google play store in just a few clicks. If you are looking for how to create apps without Coding in 2024. here's a step by step beginners guide on app creator.

How To Create Apps Without Code Using App Creator

With app creator, you can build millions of no code apps, monetize them and publish them on the Google play store all for free. It provides hundreds of resources on how to use the platform and has an active community to aid in your app building journey. To create apps without Coding in 2024, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download App creator And Sign up

To start building your ideas info create apps. You need to download the app creator app here [app creator on Google playstore] and sign up for an account. 
How to Build an App When You Have No Coding Knowledge or Programming Skills
Click the three lines

To do this, click on the menu option at the top right corner and click on application creator.

no-code app maker
Click create an app

Now, click on create an app option on the next page to open the sign up page. You will need a valid email and password to sign up.

Once you sign up successfully, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can create your first app. At this point, you do not have any app ideas yet. You can follow the prompts to have a look around the application creator. Basically your first app should be an empty app with no content.

Click on create app

Now it's time to brainstorm. What kind of app you want to build with this app engine. Once you have your ideas organized, hit the the create app option.

Build a Mobile App Without Coding with these 12 Platforms
Add App name and logo

After pressing create app. You will be presented with a very simple layout asking for app name, app icon (launcher), the primary language of your app and the app discription. For app launcher you will need to design your custom app logo and import it or select option 2; to choose from hundreds of app icon templates. Fill in the spaces as requested and click on next.

Select a theme for the app

Next, you need to select the style of your app. The style is simply the colour combination you prefer for the app theme. There are many already made app styles you can choose from. Simply select one that fits your brand and click on next.

8 Easy Steps To Build An App Without Coding (2024 Guide
Choose the kind of app to create 

On the next screen is where the real app building happens. There are a list of categorise or types of apps you can create. Using app creator you can create:

1. Chat or Social network app

This includes apps such as community based apps, friends chat apps or school chat apps. If you want to create a chat app like WhatsApp Without Code then chose option 1.

2. Webapp

This option will help you create an app from a website or convert any website into a mobile app without any code in minutes. All you need is the link to the website or blog. If you want to convert a website to an app without Coding chose option 2.

3. TV or Video app

If you want to create an app to stream a TV station. This will Build an app for your personal TV station so users can watch TV on the go. You an also use this option to create an app that imports videos from your own YouTube channel or website. This will be done in minutes. If you want to create a TV or Video app without Coding chose option 3.

4. Quizzes app

This option is suitable for creating question and answer quizzes on any topic. If you want to create a quize app on history or for your school where users answer questions and get ranked in a leader board this option is for you. Chose this option to create a quiz app with no code in minutes.

5. Video Sharing App

If your goal is to build an app like YouTube where users can share, download and watch videos by creating channels and uploading videos. Chose option 5. This will create or build a video sharing app without Coding.

6. Forum app

Is there a trending topic you want engagement on? Or a topic you want to put up for discussion? Creating a forum app will allow you to discuss realted topics with app users. Every user will be able to contribute to a topic. Also multiple topics can be created.

7. Radio Station Or Music App

if you want to create a radio station app for your personal FM station or and online radio select this option. This will create you a seamless radio station app for free Without Coding in minutes. You will need the stream url of the online radio in the next screen.

8. Stickers app

WhatsApp stickers are one of the fun ways to chat. Many WhatsApp users want to create stickers from memes and pictures. This option will create an app that users can easily create stickers in a few click. In other words, a WhatsApp sticker maker app.

There are other types of apps such as games and gallery which come with hundreds of templates. You will be able to add those to the app later in "sections". If you are still unsure what type of app you want to create. You can select the create empty app option which you can then build up later.

How to Build an App without Coding - Step-by-Step Guide
Add a web section 

Once you decide click on next. In this Tutorial we will create a simple Google app. So the web app option will be selected. On the next screen, the following will be requested; Title of the section and the web address (example, Browser and Fill in the details and click on next.

How to Create an App Without Coding – Step-by-Step Guide
Go to app management dashboard 

Congratulations, you just build your first app Without writing a single line of code. The app will be built using the app creator "app engine" and will be ready in a few minutes. You can download the app by clicking the go to download manager option. Not that, there's a lot of functionality awaiting your app and a lot of customization available. To give that professional look and feel, proceed to your dash board to build the app using the app builder interface.

How To Add More Functionality To Your App Using App Maker Dashboard

How to Build a Mobile App Without Any Coding Experience
App creator dashboard 

Click on download app Everytime you need to download the app. It's important to note that any changes made will appear in the app automatically without the need to update the app. This applies to changes made in all sections except the General info > Name and icon tab.

1. General info Tab

Well, the general info Tab allows you to add the following to your ; name and app icon (set app permissions and update settings), General ( setup privacy policy, change app language, password protect your app and many more), share ( Add a share message to the share button), Launch message ( Add a message that appears when users open the app), Rate (Allow user rating if your app is published on the Google playstore).

2. Design Tab

Well, the design Tab is where you do your app UI/UX magic. You can customize the app's; colours, chat sounds, Menu types (side menu or button menu), Button menu ( customize menu buttons),  main icon (add or change main icon of the app), Top bar icons ( customize the top bar icons of your app), loading image( add an image that displays when the app is launched, background image ( set an image for the background of the app). With the above you should create a professional feel in minutes in a few clicks; no code required!

3. Sections Tab

Here you can add more sections or screens to your app. You can add more radio station, forums or games into the app and they will appear in the menu. There are thousands of customization you can do to a section. No code required!

4. Office tab

In this tab, you can list an office. Thus add the location of your business or brand, and contact information. This can be done using the list option in this tab. Options, this displays the require options a user must input when reaching out to support( such as name and email), Colours ( chose the colours for the chatroom or support chat and lastly, conversation. In this tab all user messages will appear here. You can see and reply to in- app messages.

5. Products Tab

This tab offers your the tools needed to manage your app if it's a store app or has a listing. It includes; management ( you can add new products, categories ( categorise the products in the app), Options ( select the currency, product arrangement and payment options), finally colour ( modify the colours of the store). No code required!

6. Send Notification Tab

Well, this tab allows you to send in app notifications or messages to all users at Once. You may chose to send the messages to the entire app or individual sections. In just a few click reach all your millions of users in minutes no code required!

7. Ads Tab

In this section, you can add or remove ads to or from your app. All you need is your ad codes from the respective ad network (admob or start up ads), paste it in the appropriate section and save.

8. Statistics Tab

In this section you can see the analysis of your app. On a graph you can sort by month and year to see the analytics such as app users in a day or app installs. Again this will be Automatically generated and no Coding is required!

9. Download app Tab

This is the last tab in the array of tabs in your app creator dashboard. This tab lead you to the download the app's "apk file" or ".abb" which will be need for your Google play publishing.


You can create apps like Hangman: Download on Google play, Tech Tutorials: Download on Google play, App creator: Download on Google play in minutes on code required! If you want to create any of the above this is a beginners guide.

In the next few post, I will guide you on how to monetize and publish your app on Google play store. If you found value in this kindly leave a comment. You can download our website app here to stay in touch. Share this with friends.

Thanks for reading, we would love to know if this was helpful. Don't forget to share!

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