How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Both At The Same Time For Faster Internet Speed

How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Both At The Same Time For Faster Internet Speed


Do you know the internet speed at NASA reaches 93 GB/s? Well now you do. If you are a mobile gamer, this post could drastically change your gaming experience. You are at the right place if the above question has boggled your mind. If you notice, you cannot turn on both mobile data and wifi at the same time on both android and iOS or iPhones. So is turning on both mobile data and wifi possible? The answer is yes, but not in the conventional way. In this article we will go through the benefits of using both WiFi and mobile data at the same time.

Benefits Of Using Both WiFi And Mobile Data At the Same Time For Faster Internet  Speeds

If you are a traditional mobile data users and not a wifi user, you would observe that the mobile data can reach top speeds of averagely 10 MB/s. And this can only be achieved when the network is less busy and not over crowded. And when this happens, you are able to do so much in a short time.
Also Wi-Fi's are able to reach over 90MB/s. Making them over 9 times faster than mobile data only. The main benefit of combining the two is it can boost your network speed and stability beyond the normal limits of each. When the WiFi is less stable the mobile data covers up. When the mobile data is less stable the WiFi covers up. This is a life saver for gamers and we will dive in to how to set this up in a bit.

How To Use Both WiFi And Mobile Data At The Same Time for faster speeds

This can be done mainly on Android and we will employ a simple tool. This tool will be able to turn on wifi and then mobile data at the same time. Combining the bandwidth of both. To do this follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Speedify The Tool To turn on Mobile Data and Wi-Fi At The Same Time For Internet Speeds

You will need to download an app called Speedify. It's an app that aids you to turn on wifi and mobile data at the same time. You can download it from playstore or click here.

Step 2: Connecting To Both Wifi And Mobile Data At The Same Time For Faster Internet Speeds

Now turn on your wifi and search for the wifi network you want to connect to. Tap connect and connect to the wifi. Once you successfully connect to the Wifi, it's time to connect to the mobile data.
To do this simply click on mobile data on the Speedify app and follow the simple prompts to turn it on.

Congratulations you have successfully combined your mobile data mad wifi into one Network. You will be able to use them both and lighting fast speeds. However there are a few settings that can help booths the speed drastically. Do this to mask the experience on speedify.

Additional Setting For Faster Internet Speed Speeds On Speedify.

There are a few things that can be done to max out the internet speed.

1. Setup Speedify Priority For Faster Internet Speed when Connected Over Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

First, tap on the Mobile Data option to display a menu of options.
Secondly, select Priority from the Speedify menu options displayed.
Finally, make sure the priority of the mobile data is set to secondary. That is, Wi-Fi becomes the main and then the mobile data becomes the aid boosting internet speeds. If your mobile data is faster than your wifi, then you need to set the wifi as secondary and mobile data as primary. Follow the same steps above to set the wifi as primary or secondary by tapping on the wifi option.

2. Selecting The Right Server To Connect to For Faster Internet Speed.

It's very important to note that, the closer the server location to your country the higher the probability for faster internet speeds. Speedify has servers all over very the world to channel your traffic through their virtual private network (VPN). If you are not sure which server location may be the best then choose fasters server. If you intended to do more downloads than streaming or browsing then select the torrent friendly. This will combine both mobile data and wifi for faster downloads.

I really hope this was super useful and you definitely learnt something new. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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