HA Tunnel Plus VPN Config Files Updated Today

HA Tunnel Plus VPN Config Files Updated Today

HA Tunnel Plus Configuration Files Updated Today

The demand for working configuration files of the HA Tunnel plus VPN continues to increase, and the only way to deal with this issue is by creating your hat file.

Follow each instruction in this article properly so as to bring about a ha tunnel config file for yourself.


How to Create HA Tunnel Plus Free Unlimited Internet Hat Files for all Networks

Ha Tunnel Plus is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) built for Android that allows the formation of an encrypted and reliable connection while using mobile devices. VPNs such as HA Tunnel Plus allow users to secure their online privacy and safety by encrypting the internet traffic and redirecting it through a private server.

HA Tunnel Plus does not only provide a means of securing your internet connection but also provides users with what we refer to as free Internet browsing.
Being built only for power users who are familiar with writing HAT config files, HA Tunnel Plus serves as free internet wherever an already-made config is available.

In this article, I would like to update the HA Tunnel Plus config files that you can import into the HA Tunnel Plus app to enjoy free internet irrespective of your country or network.

What is HA Tunnel Plus APK?

It is a multi-purpose Android application HA Tunnel Plus. In general, it is used as a Virtual Private Network or VPN for securing an encrypted connection on the mobile device. Now, let us delve into certain key reasons and advantages of applying HA.

HA Tunnel Plus advantages

How to Create HA Tunnel Plus Unlimited Hat Files for all Networks

Enhanced Online Privacy: HA Tunnel Plus keep your internet traffic encrypted, so third parties including hackers and government agencies can’t intercept or trace the activities that you perform online. This security layer ensures privacy of your personal information and surfing history.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: However, by using HA Tunnel Plus, you can connect to servers located in other regions and hide your IP address. This function allows you to visit websites and online resources that could be geographically limited or banned in your current location. HA Tunnel Plus assists you in watching geographically restricted content and accessing the websites while traveling.

Secure Public Wi-Fi Usage: Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks offered in cafes, airports and hotels provide opportunity to cybercriminals.

Free Internet access: Free Internet access is provided by HA Tunnel Plus to its users. It simply requires a slight adjustment to launch free internet through the app.

Using HA Tunnel Plus For Free Internet.

How To Create Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Free Internet Access

The process of using free internet with HA Tunnel Plus is quite simple. For many of us creators, we choose SNI host method over payload generation since blockage of SNI hosts by ISPs is virtually impossible.

A few things you need to do if you want to have free internet using HA Tunnel Plus include:
SNI bug host or Payload. Such is a way to create an SNI host for your country.

1. Dedicated port.
2. Fast server, and,
3. A good network coverage.

HA Tunnel Plus Unlimited Config Files Download.

For someone who is not an advanced config creator, updated config files should be your choice.
As it is impossible to mention config files adjusting to each country here provided limited resources of this platform, we have uploaded an updated list of HA Tunnel Plus config files corresponding to all countries and networks on that page.
All nations are included therefore you may click on the link to find the page.

Unlocking HA Tunnel Plus Files

HA Tunnel Plus Files can easily be unlocked. The host used for creating the file can be found either by using a telegram bot or sniffing the config itself.
To ease the process, this is how to unlock HA Tunnel Plus files.

Creating HA Tunnel Files

Having posted the latest and working free browsing settings on the NetworkPalava telegram channel, many others keep asking how to make a ha tunnel hat file.

Or at the very least, that is what one intends to do – navigate with your hat file without being exposed to the new settings you are using.

Don’t worry, this article will provide the working tips on making hat files for MTN, Airtel 9mobile, Glo, Vodacom Telkom Digicel Cell C among others.

This is why free browsing tips are not that easy to find these days the main issue being that there simply aren’t enough working servers or active settings to power Ha Tunnel VPN and other virtual private networks used for browsing.

In no time at all, you will discover the simplest way to generate ha tunnel files. People, however, seem to be unable of realizing how free surfing functions.

Creating Ha Tunnel Files Step By step

A working ha tunnel file is easily created for any Android smartphone device if only one has the right knowledge.

As such, the device needs to have an internet connection and also integrate with the HA Tunnel mobile app.

To develop your ha tunnel files, follow the guidelines below- These guidelines allow you to build numerous hat files.

1. To start with, download Ha Tunnel Plus VPN from the Google  Playstore.

2. Select a Connection Mode. So, the manner you choose depends on your host.

3. Click on the 3dash in top left corner.
Choose and find <> Payload Generator.
4. You need to fill up the blank and mark off with the right configuration. Apply the settings below:


URL Host: Enter your host URL
Method: “HTTP-BUG”
HTTP Version: HTTP/1.1
HTTP Headers: Tick Keep Alive, Tick User Agent and in addition, Tick Online Host.

Tap on the button Generate to continue.
Now, let us go back to the settings. Check that everything is in order.

Take note: HTTP doesn’t work for some hosts, so you may have to add an ‘s’ after HTTP which then makes it ‘HTTPS’.

Your ha tunnel file with your mobile phone has been successfully created.

Now press the START button and wait a few seconds for ha tunnel plus vpn to connect.
What should be done next is to export the hat file into your preferred folder.

After Creating Ha Tunnel, How To Export It
You have to check whether your configuration settings work before attempting to export them. If not, the hat file that you just generated will be of no use to you.


Follow the guidelines below to export the ha tunnel config file you created and make useful to many:

1. The first step is to open the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN.
2. On the Home page, click on three dots located at the top-right corner of your screen.
3. Tap on Import/Export.
4. After that, select Export Config.
5. Now you are expected to fill in the name of the file, description and several check boxes.

File Name: Please enter the name in which you want to save your hat file.
Description Message (HTML): Tick the “Add Description/Message” box and type something in the empty text box that you see below.
PROTEXTRAS: You may leave the boxes unchecked or maybe check the Password box.
Lastly, click the EXPORT button to store the h tunnel config file that you have just created.

These tricks work in Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya as well as other countries.

Setting Up Local Networks with HA Tunnel Plus

This section was prepared by most of you requesting guidelines on the setting up of a local network with HA Tunnel VPN.

Now, one can set up the local network host to operate and most likely provide you with free unlimited browsing on your go.


The information contained in this material is for general informational purposes only. As we seek to keep the contents current, we offer no warranties whether expressed or implied concerning accuracy, reliability and suitability of the information on this page for general purpose. Therefore, any reliance you may place on such information shall be placed at your own risk.

Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for any loss or damage, including indirect or consequential damage or damages of whatever nature arising from the use of this content.

Follow the guidelines to create your ha tunnel file (local network):

Method 1: Establish a Local Network by using Custom SNI (SSL/TLS configuration).

One of the many methods to establish a local network on ha tunnel plus VPN is this custom SNI.

This technique makes possible any trick. This includes strategies that offer unrestricted free access without payment, as well as social media packs, eLearning packages, free hosts etc. For Telikom Papua New Guinea and MTN Ghana I will use cdc.gov and respectively

Now apply accordingly below:

1. Download The from a free host
2. Open the Ha Tunnel Plus application.
3. To activate Custom Setup, use Connection Mode.
4. Click the drop-down icon and select Custom SNI (SSL, TLS Mode).
5. Now, you are free to put your SNI into the Custom SNI field, select Use Realm Host (v2), and press Start.

As I mentioned earlier, I will use the above host. Replace the ones I mentioned above with your own.
When you apply SNI but can not connect, try to add www. You can add it to your host or delete if it was there before.

For example the use of www.cdc.org did not respond when tested, hence we will try cdc.org without the addition of www in it

The same goes if you attempt to use the website cdc.org and face an issue; all you need is www. This tiny problem may make your connection inoperative.

Method 2: The Custom Host Header (HTTP Mode) For HA TUNNEL PLUS


This is yet another way to configure a local network on ha tunnel plus VPN. The writing available seems to indicate HTTP Mode, however besides the name and a Custom Host/Payload nothing else can be seen.

As long as you adhere to the instructions given, you can generate an untapped HA tunnel plus VPN config file and begin surfing for free. Just as they did with the TCP, this app’s developers should have provided someone with a payload generator.

If the connection protocol must be HTTP and not TCP or SSL, then I will recommend that you employ an HTTP Proxy. If not, ignore it.
In the section highlighted as Select Port, enter your Custom Host and select the port it will utilize. Also check the log section to see your connection speed.

FAQs: How to Create Hat Files


Creating Tunnel Files

To begin, download the HA Tunnel Plus VPN. Second, locate a functioning host which possesses default configuration.

Is It Working For You?
It is essential you note a few things before leaving.

Now all hosts run for a long time. You may have to further look for updates and make a few new files in order to have hassle-free connectivity through ha tunnel VPN.

These are the major reasons why your file won’t work:

1. Your configuration is Wrong
2. Settings are Outdated
3. You configured the wrong network.
4. That’s all for today. I hope you have learned how to create HA tunnel files without stress.


If you still Cannot Create your own files then you can download the latest HA TUNNEL PLUS CONFIGURATION files below for free:

PASSWORD TO FILES: techtutorialshub.com

HA TUNNEL PLUS CONFIGURATION files 5 | All Net (Check back)🎯click here

If the file doesn't connect download new files. If it still doesn't work for you check back in 1 day for updated files.

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