How to Fix the "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature" Error on Windows

How to Fix the "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature" Error on Windows

Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature - Fix

How to Fix the "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature" Error on Windows


In order to ensure the authenticity and integrity of software drivers, digital signatures play a significant role. However, often on Windows, users encounter a common error message stating "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature." In this article, we will guide users through the process of fixing this error, thereby ensuring secure and efficient driver installation.

Section 1: Understanding the Error

INF files are essential for installing drivers on Windows. However, when an INF file is not digitally signed, Windows displays an error message indicating that the driver may not be secure. In order to maintain security, Windows verifies the authenticity and trustworthiness of drivers using digital signatures.

Section 2: Enabling Test Mode

Test Mode is a feature in Windows that enables the installation of unsigned drivers but poses a security risk. Users can enable Test Mode through the command prompt or Group Policy Editor. We recommend caution when allowing the installation of unsigned drivers, as they may contain malware that poses a significant risk to system security.

Section 3: Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement Temporarily

Driver Signature Enforcement is a security feature that ensures the authenticity and integrity of drivers. However, sometimes, unsigned drivers that users are trying to install can trigger the "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain Digital Signature" error. In this case, users can disable Driver Signature Enforcement temporarily. This can be done by accessing the Advanced Boot Options menu and disabling the feature. Users should keep in mind that disabling Driver Signature Enforcement can pose a security risk, and hence it is recommended to re-enable the feature in the future.

Section 4: Obtaining Signed Drivers

Downloading and installing signed drivers provide increased security and compatibility. We recommend users to check the manufacturer's website for signed driver versions. It is feasible to download and install signed drivers through a step-by-step process. Keeping the drivers up to date is also recommended for maintaining system security.

Section 5: Potential Risks and Precautions

Although disabling driver signature enforcement or installing unsigned drivers may sometimes seem like a quick fix, it can pose a significant risk to system security. We recommend users to download drivers from reputable sources, create system restore points before making any changes, and exercise caution when dealing with unsigned drivers.


This article has guided users through various methods to fix the "Third-Party INF Does Not Contain a Digital Signature" error on Windows. Users should prioritize the use of signed drivers and exercise caution while dealing with unsigned drivers. Ensuring driver security is crucial in maintaining system security and ensuring efficient system functionality.

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