How To Record Your Smartphone Screen In 4K

How To Record Your Smartphone Screen In 4K


How to record your phone screen in 4k resolution

For content creators, educators, and tech aficionados, screen recordings are an indispensable tool. It has become essential to record phone displays in 4K with a high frame rate due to the rise in demand for high-quality videos. In this blog post, we'll look at how to record phone screens at a high frame rate in 4K.

Why Record Phone Screen in 4K with High Frame Rate?

Recording phone screens in 4K with high frame rates offers several benefits, including:

Improved Video Quality

Your videos will be sharper and more detailed if you record them in 4K, which has four times the resolution of Full HD.

Smooth Playback

Recording at a high frame rate of 60fps or higher ensures smooth and seamless playback of the video.

Better Clarity

By reducing motion blur during recording, a high frame rate produces images that are clearer and sharper.

Enhanced User Experience

Recording phone screens in 4K with high frame rates offers a more immersive user experience, making it easier for viewers to follow along.

Requirements for Phone Screen Recordings in 4K with High Frame Rate

To record phone screen in 4K with high frame rate, you will need the following:

  • A mobile device with high frame rates and 4K recording capabilities
  • Your phone has developer options enabled.
  • An application for recording screens in 4K and at high frame rates
  • How to Capture the Phone Screen with High Frame Rate 4K

A. How To Enable Developer Options

Follow these steps to make your phone's developer settings available:

  1. Go to your phone's Settings app
  2. Scroll down and select "About phone"
  3. Find the "Build number" and tap it seven times
  4. You should see a message that says "You are now a developer!"

B. Set the Screen Recording Settings.

  1. To set the screen recording settings on your phone, follow these steps:
  2. Go to your phone's Settings app
  3. Select "Developer options"
  4. Scroll down to the "Media" section
  5. Select "Advanced screen recorder settings"
  6. Enable "Custom settings"
  7. Set the video encoder to "H.264"
  8. Set the video resolution to "4K"
  9. Set the video frame rate to "60fps" or higher
  10. Set the video bit rate to "50Mbps" or higher

C. Start the Screen Recording

To start the screen recording on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the screen recording app on your phone
  2. Select the screen area you want to record
  3. Set the recording options to 4K and high frame rate
  4. Press the record button to start the screen recording
  5. Once you're done, press the stop button to end the recording.

Tips for Phone Screen Recordings in 4K with High Frame Rate

To ensure the best possible phone screen recordings in 4K with high frame rates, consider the following tips:

Use a tripod or stabilizer to keep your phone steady during recording

By using a tripod or stabilizer, you can keep your phone steady and get rid of any extra movements. A complete movie can be ruined by shaky footage.

Avoid recording in low-light conditions, as this can result in poor video quality.

The video may appear grainy or pixelated due to poor lighting. In order to increase the video quality, try to record in a well-lit space or with the aid of external lighting sources.

Close all unnecessary apps and notifications to prevent interruptions during recording:

Notifications and alerts can disrupt your recording and make it difficult to edit out any unwanted sounds. Therefore, turn off notifications and close any apps that may cause interruptions.

Use a high-quality microphone to ensure clear audio:

Clear audio is essential for any video, and using the built-in microphone on your phone may not always provide the best quality. Therefore, consider using an external microphone for better audio quality.

Use a screen recording app that offers editing tools:

When you've recorded your video, editing it can assist to raise its overall quality and make it more interesting. A screen recording app with editing features like text or music addition, trimming, or trimming should be your choice.

These pointers will help you capture your phone screen at the greatest quality possible in 4K with fast frame rates.


To conclude, the ability to record a phone screen in 4K at a fast frame rate is crucial for anyone trying to make interesting and educational movies. The steps and advice provided in this blog post will make it simple for you to make captivating videos that will attract your viewers. Keep in mind to stabilize your phone, record in well-lit areas, use a good microphone, and utilize a screen recording program with editing features. You may improve the quality of your screen recordings by using these methods and resources.

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