15 Amazing Smartphone Short Codes You Should Try

15 Amazing Smartphone Short Codes You Should Try


Smartphone Short Codes You Should Try

We all know smartphones are the new buzz in the tech industry. World wide there are more smart phone users than users of any other smart device. It has become an extension of our everyday activities. The ability of a smartphone to conduct a variety of tasks, from verifying device information to testing hardware features, is one of its most valuable capabilities. We'll look at 15 cool and practical short codes in this post that you should test out on your smartphone.

What Are Smartphone Short Codes?

Well, Short codes are unique sets of digits and symbols that are used to activate different smartphone features. These codes can be used to access device information and test hardware functionality, and they can be entered into the phone's dial pad or messaging app.

15 Cool and Useful Smartphone Short Codes You Should Try

Here are 15 useful short codes recommended that you can try on your smartphone:

Smartphone information Short Codes

1. Check your phone's IMEI number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it's a unique code that identifies your device. Dialing *#06# will display your phone's IMEI number, which is useful for activating your phone or reporting it stolen.

2. Access phone information and usage statistics

Access to a variety of phone data and usage statistics, such as battery life, signal quality, and network details, is made possible by this code. ##4636## is the short code.

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3. Check camera information

This code gives you access to the camera settings on your phone, such as resolution, aperture, and focal length. The quick dial number is ##34971539##.

4. Check your Bluetooth address

While connecting to other devices, this code shows the Bluetooth address of your phone. ##232337#*# is the short code.

5. Check software and hardware information

Access to a variety of software and hardware data, such as CPU, RAM, and storage capacity, is made possible via this code. To access this, dial the short code ##12580369##*.

6. Check Wi-Fi address

To connect to Wi-Fi networks, you can use this code to see your phone's Wi-Fi address. Use ##232338##, the short code.

Test And Action Mobile Short Codes

7. Restore factory settings

This code clears all data from your phone and restores it to its factory default settings, which might be helpful if you wish to resolve software bugs or delete all data from your device. Use the short code ##7780##.

8. Activate voice privacy mode

By turning on voice privacy mode with this code, your voice will sound clearer on calls. Use ##8351##, the short code.

9. Change power button behavior

With the help of this code, you can choose whether pressing the power button on your phone turns the screen off or starts a reboot. The short code to use is ##7594##.

10. Test your phone's hardware features

This code starts a hardware diagnostic test to examine the sensors, camera, and other components of your phone. Use ##64663##, the short code.

11. Backup your media files

The media backup program that this code runs enables you to back up your images, videos, and other media assets. ##273283255663282*## is the short code to use.

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12. Test your phone's camera

This code starts a camera diagnostic test that examines your phone's camera settings, including exposure, focus, and white balance. Use ##3424##, the short code.

13. Enter service mode

With the help of this code, you can access a number of sophisticated phone settings and functionalities. ##197328640## is the short code to use.

16. Test your phone's touchscreen

With the help of this code, a touchscreen test is launched to look for dead areas, touch accuracy, and other problems. ##2664## is the short code to use.

15. Factory reset

Your phone will undergo a factory reset using this code, erasing all of its data and configurations. Use ##7780##, the short code.


Thank you for reading this far, Short codes for smartphones are an effective tool that can provide you access to a number of practical features and functionalities on your device. These codes can help you get the most of your smartphone, from verifying the IMEI number of your device to testing its physical capabilities. Try out these short codes to see how much easier they may make your life. Please explore other articles.

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