How To Create Your Own Dark Web Onion Website Using Termux

How To Create Your Own Dark Web Onion Website Using Termux

How to create .onion slices like a pro | Free domain Hosting on the dark web | Termux Tutorials

In this article, you will learn how to host your own .onion dark web on Termux. Since we know that, dark websites use .onion as domain extensions. There comes the question, can we make our own site on Dark web using our Kali Linux system or termux? The answer is an unequivocal yes. No port forwarding, no money spent to buy domain names.


Per our instructional guide, we can host our website or the whole web app on the deep web with an .onion domain name in less than 5 minutes.

Host Onion, provides Termux users with a way to host a hidden service on TOR with an onion address. This shell script makes your device act as a server and temporarily deploys a website on Deep Web with a unique onion URL.


The .onion Domain Origin & Genesis

Onion domain is an IP extension used only by anonymous Tor browser. This implies that standard browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will not be able to access sites using onion domain as they may not be able to reach the streaming servers made by Tor.

There thousands of different domains available but not all of them are available to every one who wants to use them. The .apple domain is the other domain that has a special requirement to get it. Registering and maintaining your chosen domain usually has costs associated.

But, for those who have the security knowledge and experience, Tor is still the best choice as it offers many more layers of anonymity not found in most popular browsers.

What is an Onion Site?

What is an Onion Site?


If you decide to make an onion site, you are doing the most to make it anonymous than anything else. In here you will see a random character group containing lowercase letters with 16 numbers from 2 to 7. With this series the Tor browser will access your server.

Any domains which will be created with a very good name or two in your mind that have no use will be statistically costly and resource heavy. Facebook required 8 characters for the onion domain of our choice – facebookcorewwwi.onion – but at a higher cost of computing services. It may require a single computer to have random data of more than a billion years to get the exact 16 characters you want as a domain name.


Yes, 16 characters are the maximum these random strings can have. This makes dark web Nothing more, nothing less. This usually causes problems recalling character unit, making it even more difficult for the users to remember your website. It can also allow malicious users to create the same but different domain, thus, making it harder for your future visitors to find you.

Nevertheless, it might be interpreted that you don’t have to register with ICANN to create your own domain seems to be an advantage. No need to hide your information from whois lookups and your ICANN account is not exposed to malicious hijacking. As an onion user, you have absolute control over your privacy and your domain.


The Tor browser and The Tor Network 

The Tor browser gives you an access to the “dark web“, “deep web” or “hidden web“. I will demonstrate this using Termux and it is not pre-installed. Similarly, you can also install Tor Browser on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android.

Tool Installation on Termux

Tool Installation on Termux

Update and upgrade Termux, Linux to avoid errors in installing "HostDarkWeb" Tool Identity by stealing confidential information.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

This step is very critical if you don’t to ensure you have the latest version of all packages and ensure error free setup while using the tool. This will ad git to termux which will be used when using HostDarkWeb. Once you have that, you can use the command below for the installation.

pkg install git -y

Now all the dependencies are installed in your termux and we can now install the "HostDarkWeb" tool in termux using the below command. The file size of this tool is quite small. Simply copy and paste the command and our tool will load in a few seconds.


Now change the working directory to HostDarkWeb if you don’t know the basic terms of termux then it is highly recommended you learn these to make it easier to build anything.

cd HostDarkWeb

Execute the command chmod +r,c,x *

chmod +x *

Write the command below to Use the HostDarkWeb tool and Create a Dark Website.


You can Use Mobile Data for or WiFi in all ensure you have a stable network connection as it's essential to the successful usage of the tool. Run the tool using the command below.

bash HostOnion

After the tool runs these are what you need to take note of. This website opens automatically and from here you can see.

How To Install & Run The Tool.

Step_1: Automatically download and Installing of Dependencies package.

Step_2: Enter details to display on the web page (Next it will ask for your name which will be displayed on the dark web website here you can add any kind of text).

Step_3: Starting of PHP Local Server next. Now let’s check our hosted localhost website by going to port in the browser (just copy this and paste in your browser).

Step_4: So your file will be configured 

Tor File & path or Port Configuring and Launching Tor Service.

Step_5: Download Tor Browser. Now we can reach this .onion website using Tor Browser from anywhere and any device.


Launch “Tor Browser” on your devices and click “Connect”. In case it fails for some reason, click “Configure” and choose Tor is censored in your country from the list.
This is a demo website for educational purpose only, but we can host any type of website on the deep .onion. However, we should not misuse this to host illegal websites which go against the organization's rules. It would be a crime and we would not have to responsible for that.

Pro tip: Replace the HTML file with your own to get your webpage hosted on Deep Web!

  • Replace the HTML file 
  • Upload your own web page 

To edit the website’s HTML file, repeat this command and append the path to your HTML file.

Now make a new session in Termux (swipe left and click new session to create more sessions). Select the new termux terminal Session 2 and type the command below:

bash UploadWeb


Enter Your Web File Folder Part:

Example: /sdcard/Download/web/ or /storage/emulated/0/Download/web/

After giving the part to the HTML file and then entering the name of HTML file, this file will be deployed on the website, and on the dark web you can reload the page for changes to take effect.

If you want to make your own Dark Web website, then you should know these vital things. You don’t have to purchase a hosting and domain name to launch your own ".onion" website.

All tutorials are for educational and informational reasons only. We believe that termux, information security as well as cyber security should be known to everyone who uses digital information and computers. The tutorials and videos on Tech Tutorials Hub are only for those who want to know about Termux tool. Termux tutorials are against information misuse and we do not encourage it either.


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