How To Increase Tiktok Followers And Likes Using SMO

How To Increase Tiktok Followers And Likes Using SMO

How To Increase Tiktok Followers And Likes Using fireliker

As we know, in 2024, everyone wants to have more followers on their Tiktok account. In other TikTok livestreams some people donate gifts too, to attract some followers. Some pay to get more followers on their Tik Tok account.

If you are also among those who would like to have free followers on their TikTok Account then please make sure that you go through this article properly. It will be one of the best website of 2024. I also personally used this Website from to ensure it's not a hux so you don't have to. It is one of the Easy Websites to gain TikTok followers.

Is It Difficult To Use?


It is easy to use this website. It offers free followers and Likes. So if you want to know how to the modus operandi of this website, then reading this article I’ll guide you step by step how to use it. 

Firstly, before Starting anythings everyone has one question in mind, Is This tool difficult to use? You  might be thinking the tool might one of those non- functional apps and may be difficult to use, well, You’re totally mistaken. This website is very easy to be used and its Website interface also seems very user friendly.

We can easily use this website and it’s also mobile friendly so no need to panic. I’ll tell you everything about this website in a bit.

Is It Free ?

It is a 100% Free Website to boost your TikTok folllowers. You won’t pay anything. You can access this website for free with no hidden fees. This website works on a third party website. In. Fact there are no options to make purchases of any kind. It is free so it gives fewer followers and Likes on Your TikTok account.

I have tried using this website in the last few years and also use it  occasionally, all without paying money. I use this website free and it’s a completely legal site that offers genuine views on our Tiktok videos.

Is It Safe ?

Is fireliker safe?

It’s a third party site but it is Safe because on this site you do not have to log in neither do you need to add your password. In essence you won't give out your details that is why it is safe. If a certain site wants our password and username, there are more chances that an account will be banned.

But on this website we do not need to enter password or login information. We can access this website free as while knowing it’s secured and our accounts are safe.

How To Use This Website

How To Use fireliker

Let’s now discuss how to use this website. If you are a new to using this website and want to understand how it works then follow the steps by reading the guide below. I’ll guide you to use the features of the website step by step. So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Visit the website

First of all, upon visiting this website you will find many options. Free like, free followers, and TikTok Views. But i know you are waiting for the link to the site.

“First please read this article carefully then I’ll provide the link of this website so first try to understand the interface or look at it”.

2. User Interface

When you visit this website, there are many options available as mentioned previously. like instant likes, instal views and instant fans. It is very simple to navigate. Its interface is also very user friendly that’s no need to fret. It's as easy as using every other website.

3. Add Your TikTok Username

After you enter in this website, you simply have to scroll down a little bit then you’ll get an option. Showing the login method where you put your TikTok username on which you want to increases tiktok likes and views free.
Fireliker recaptcha

Now all you have to do is, put your username like mine TechTutorialsHub. Remember, You need to type in your own name in the space, then simply hit the continue option underneath after a span of 10 seconds and “visit fireliker” button pops up. Now  Simply click it one more time.

4. Select Likes Followers or Views

Fireliker select tool

After doing all these things, you will have an option to use the select tool where you need to pick any one of the given options – Auto Heart or auto views. Once that is done, you have to decide wether you want more likes or views. For this tutorial I will choose Views so Simply, I’ll click on the option.

5. Sending Views to your TikToks

Sending Views to TikToks

We have now selected auto views and got an option to choose the tiktok video in we want to add the number of views we are about to type. Just below you will get an option to select limit where we need to choose views then simply click on send options.
Link will be ready in

6. Send Successfully

Send Successfully dialog message

After 5 seconds then we’ll receive a pop-up or notifications of Success! Views has successfully been sent to your account. You will have all the views in no time. Now Repeat the process to get more views!

Tiktok Followers increased

Let’s find out how to get the link to this site. To get the link to the site. Just below, there is a 30 second timer. So we must wait 30 seconds for the link to open the website.

Read instructions as Link is loading... Please wait for 60 seconds to continue

20 seconds later you’ll be offered a red button called Go To Website. 7 All you have to do is click on it and will be forwarded to another site.


Thanks for reading this article. If you are having any questions or queries regarding this article then please drop your queries in comment section. Thank you !

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