What Is MetroOpinion And Is It Legit?

What Is MetroOpinion And Is It Legit?


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MetroOpinion seeks to surpass all other online surveys that promise earning quick cash with a promise for up to five dollars for every short survey done by an individual. The purpose of this review is to examine the legality of MetroOpinion, discover how much one can earn and offer some tips on whether it’s truly worth getting involved with the company to generate income online.

Is MetroOpinion Legit?

MetroOpinion is an authentic survey portal owned by Cint AB, which is a highly regarded corporation providing online data collection in this field. The users are guaranteed with incentives whenever they take part in the surveys; however, will it be valuable enough to warrant their time?

Fortunately, it’s good to know that Metro Opinion is a legitimate and highly rated survey company operating within the online survey sphere. Being a part of respected institutions like ESOMAR (Association of European Market Research Organizations) and MRS (Market Research Society), the platform abides by strict regulation thereby reasserting its legitimacy and ethics.

User Reputation and Trustpilot Rating

This good name is reinforced by their Trustpilot scoring of 4.3 with 5 stars rating from more than 1000 users surveyed. The user’s response also shows the aspects of the platform that are convenient, such as its user-friendly layout, well paid surveys, fast payments, and so forth.

What Does MetroOpinion Offer?

The main mode of earning in MetroOpinion is through paid surveys. Surveys are sent by email notification, or as an invitation, to those who log onto the member forum and see available surveys. All you need is to fill in your demographics and answer some qualification questions before you qualify for one survey or the other.

How Do You Get Paid?

How Do You Get Paid on Metro Opinion
Metro Opinion login/signup

Users are awarded given amounts credited into their MetroOpinion account balance for each successful completion of a survey. Payment methods are usually country-to-country depending on PayPal as they mostly used nowadays. Some other countries may opt for gift cards or a choice to donate their earnings to non-profitable organizations. Users are able to access their earnings once they achieve a specific payout level which is usually from $5 to $10 per country.

Earning Potential

MetroOpinion offers a reasonable payout per survey, varying between $0.50 and $5. The site’s major disadvantage is that there are few surveys offered. Moreover, participants should not always anticipate numerous chances to occur and they might fail in each survey they try. Completing the profile may increase the survey invitation but does not give instant gratification.

Mobile Accessibility

Despite having no dedicated MetroOpinion mobile app, its site has been optimised for mobile access. This allows users to easily access the platform through mobile browsers for easy navigation and completing surveys on mobile phones.

Membership Eligibility

It has been made available in many European states like France and Germany, as well as others like Argentina, Japan, Australia South and North America, and even most African countries. Its sprawling territory allows accessibility of users in many locations, where paid survey site is a rare experience.

MetroOpinion: Pros and Cons

Click on each option reveal the pros or the cons of metro opinion: 

Pros of MetroOpinion 

1. Legitimacy and Trustworthiness: Affiliation with ESOMAR and MRS.

2. Positive User Reputation: Reflected in a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 stars.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Acknowledged for its ease of use.

4. Well-Paying Surveys: Users appreciate the compensation for survey participation.

5. Quick Payouts: Timely processing of earned rewards.

Cons of Metro Opinion 

1. Limited Survey Availability: Users may encounter a restricted number of surveys.

2. Long Survey Duration: Some surveys may require a significant time investment.

Customer Support

There is a FAQ section that covers mostly common questions and for more help users should send an e-mail if the FAQ below doesn't answer your question. Though it does not have any specific contact form, the provision of an e-mail address makes it possible for the customers to ask questions.

Final Verdict

Metro-Opinion is a genuine survey website that comes with advantages and disadvantages. Payment is made via PayPal, and the payout threshold is not very high. Nonetheless, it has few earning possibilities and a long personal data section, which could discourage potential customers from joining. MetroOpinion is nothing exceptional among survey Sites, but it could be an additional source of earnings if you are not expecting much money from it.

Metro Opinion FAQs

Q1: How does MetroOpinion operate?

A1: Metro Opinion – it’s one of the known websites for making money by filling out free surveys. Users are able to take part in surveys and gain some rewards for their input. Due to the long period of operations, individuals considering earning through survey sites can trust this platform.

Q2: What does it take to start using MetroOpinion?

A2: For the first step towards Metro Opinion, you may start by visiting the official website. A new user creates an account while returning users log in to their accounts. Ensure you read and understand the contractual terms that are clearly stated on the site.

Q3: How much am I paid when filling MetroOpinion questionnaires?

A3: Yes, you will get paid after each completed survey within MetroOpinion between  $0.5 - $5. It is one of the most solid and trustworthy ways to make money on the site, expressing your opinion about almost everything.

Q4: How much money do I get for each survey?

A4: Payouts on MetroOpinion differ a lot, and vary between the amount of 0.5$ up to $5. The pay is acceptable but ensure that the number of available surveys may differ with time.

Q5: Can one access MetroOpinion through mobile phones?

A5: Metro Opinion is a website that does not have a standalone mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone; however, you can use your mobile phone web browser to access it. This makes it easy for you to do surveys on your phone because the site is designed with the purpose of being used by a mobile user.

Q6: Is MetroOpinion a legit survey site?

A6: Certainly, MetroOpinion is an authentic opinion platform. The fact that it has been rated highly positive and it is considered a trusted avenue of making money for paid surveys. This adds to the site’s credibility since it is associated with reputable companies.

Q7: In what way do I withdraw money from MetroOpinion?

A7: You could mostly prefer withdrawal of your earning with payment methods like PayPal from Metro Opinion. You might get other payments as per your residence in a certain country. Make sure that you have exceeded the minimum required amount in order to make a withdrawal request.

Q8: Is MetroOpinion available worldwide?

A8: The service can be used by customers who reside in different parts of Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Ensure that you’ve indicated your country in the registration form provided on their site.

Q9: How do people feel about MetroOpinion on Google Play and other sites?

A9: Metro Opinion carries an average score of 4.2 points over 5 at google play, indicating users’ high satisfaction. Besides, other review sources indicate that MetroOpinion is an honest and genuine survey site.

Q10: Do charges apply for taking out monetary winnings in MetroOpinion?

A10: From MetroOpinion you can withdraw the monetary earnings but it comes at a cost and different approaches have their own charges! The transfer for PayPal withdrawal is charged 2 percent.

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