Create Animated Videos From Text Using AI

Create Animated Videos From Text Using AI

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Videos with animation have a lot of promise for marketing, audience engagement, and storytelling. However, making them often seems complicated and time-consuming. Unexpectedly, even a straightforward sentence or paragraph can be turned into a captivating animation. By following this simple Tutorial you will be able to convert text to video as shown below:

Introducing ChatGpt

The Powerhouse of Creativity ChatGpt is a robust tool that speeds up this procedure. It can produce excellent, original, innovative content for various uses. The first two steps are making an account and creating a script using ChatGpt.

Step 1: Writing a Script with the ChatGpt

Users can choose the kind of video they want to make and add pertinent information to build a customized script it all comes down to prompt Engineering. Asking the right way to receive a good response. You can find more on ChatGpt prompts engineering from our previous article. Ask ChatGpt to write you a video explainer script on your topic such as "The rise of Ai" or "social media marketing , the nitty gritty"

Step 2: Using to transform animation

The created screenplay then needs to be converted into an animated video. is a further crucial instrument in this approach. Users must register an account on before pasting the script that ChatGpt created into their account. The transformation of the narrative into an exciting animation video depends on this stage.

Animating text Your Way

The ability to alter the animation is what makes unique. Users can change many animation scenarios' designs, personalities, and actions. With the help of this tool, designers can give their work a special touch and bring their vision to life.

Utilizing voiceovers to improve

Additionally, allows users to add a voiceover to the animation video. Users can use the program's text-to-speech capability or recording their voice to accomplish this. This gives the finished product an additional level of sophistication and professionalism.

Synopsis: Creating Animated videos from simple Text

Users can make engaging animation videos using these procedures with ChatGpt and's capabilities. These videos can be used to advertise goods and services or to create an interesting YouTube channel.

To create animations videos from text:

  • Use ChatGpt to generate a script.
  • Use to turn the script into an animation video.
  • Set up the scenery and design any way you choose.
  • By recording or using the text-to-speech tool, add a voiceover.
  • Make compelling animation movies for marketing or content sharing.
Starting the Script Creation with the a good ChatGpt prompt is key. Users must create an account to start the script process utilizing ChatGpt. Just click the link to the ChatGpt website.

Signing Up For ChatGpt

To continue, provide your informatin on the sign up page. Once you've finished the form, click "Create account," which will give you access to the ChatGpt dashboard.

How to Write a Script

It's time to generate the script once your ChatGpt account has been properly configured. For instance, type I want you to make an animated film to advertise my goods or services.

Customizing Your Script

Specify "explainer video script," then enter the required information to create your script such as name topic and Amy details
 Also Indicate "video script creator" if your goal is to create an animation video for your YouTube channel.

Create your Account.

Create a account to get started. Click the linked link to go to the sign-up page.

Step 2: Customizing Your Animation and Pasting the Script

Please choose the relevant option on the dashboard, given that we want to turn the script into an animation video. Paste the script produced by ChatGpt into the available spaces after that.

Customization - Adapting the Animation

The flexibility of's animation is a wonderful feature. Let's say you want to change a character in a scene it can be done in a a few clicks. Likewise, you can change a character's action by selecting the character and then clicking "change action." You will be given a selection of activities to pick from. Choose a course of action that best fits the scene's context.

Layout and Position Modification

You can change the character's placement in the scene in addition to their appearance and actions. This enables a customized design, boosting the animation's overall aesthetic appeal. Voiceovers Can Be Added for a Full Storytelling Experience. Your animation video is now prepared for sharing and distribution once the voiceover is successfully added. The animation you've produced can enthrall and interest your audience, whether for marketing your products or enhancing the material on your YouTube channel.

Using free tools like ChatGpt and, this detailed explanation shows how to quickly turn a straightforward sentence or paragraph into a visually pleasing animation. Users can produce animation videos that effectively express their message and serve a variety of objectives by following these steps.
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