How To Use ChatGpt 4 On WhatsApp [Multimodal Features + No Setup Required]

How To Use ChatGpt 4 On WhatsApp [Multimodal Features + No Setup Required]


People are constantly looking for things that can make their life easier in today's fast-paced environment. One such technology that can help you save time and effort is a chatbot. Moreover, chatbots have become much more advanced and potent with the introduction of GPT-4. We'll introduce you to Shmoozh AI, a GPT-4-powered WhatsApp chatbot, in this article. We'll walk you through installing and using Shmoozh as well as examining its features.

What is Shmoozh?

About shmoozh AI WhatsApp Chatbot
Shmoozh AI is a GPT-4-powered WhatsApp chatbot. It can do a range of jobs and comprehend and react to natural language requests. Anyone with a WhatsApp account can use Shmoozh because it is made to be user-friendly.

Because of its sophisticated AI algorithms, it can learn from and adjust to user preferences, making it an effective tool for both personal and professional use.

How to Use Shmoozh AI

Using Shmoozh AI Chatbot is similar to WhatsApp messaging a friend. Just enter your question, and Shmoozh AI Chatbot will provide an appropriate response in WhatsApp. Here are some examples of queries you can ask Shmoozh AI:

"What's the weather like today?"

"How do I book a flight to New York?"

"Can you recommend a good restaurant in this area?"

"What are the latest news headlines?"

Additionally, Shmoozh AI is capable of performing more difficult activities like scheduling appointments, making bookings, and creating reminders. Simply provide Shmoozh AI the necessary details to accomplish this, and it will handle the rest.

Features of Shmoozh AI

Features of shmoozh AI WhatsApp bot

Shmoozh AI is a strong tool for both personal and professional use because to its many features. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Natural Language Processing:

Anyone can use Shmoozh AI since it can comprehend and answer to normal language queries.

Multimodal Capabilities:

Shmoozh AI is a flexible tool for a range of jobs because it can comprehend both text and visuals.


Shmoozh AI offers a more individualized experience since it can learn from and adjust to user preferences.

Third-Party Integrations:

Shmoozh is a more potent tool for businesses thanks to its integration with third-party apps and services.


End-to-end encryption is used by Shmoozh to make sure that all communications are private and safe.

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How to Set Up Shmoozh AI

  1. Setting up Shmoozh AI is a simple process. First, you'll need to add Shmoozh to your WhatsApp contacts. To do this, follow these steps:
  2. Save the phone number +1 (201) 416-6644 in(Paid) Or Pi Ai (Free) +1 (314) 333-1111 your contacts [Click to add].
  3. Open WhatsApp and create a new chat.
  4. Search for Shmoozh in your contacts and open the chat.
  5. Send a message to start chatting with Shmoozh AI.

Method 2

You can access the WhatsApp Chatbot Platform using this link below. By following the link you will be redirected to your WhatsApp account and a chat interface will be opened Automatically.

Click here to try out the WhatsApp Chatbot Shmoomz Ai which is paid or Try pi Ai Chatbot which is completely free.


Shmoozh is a potent GPT-4-powered WhatsApp Chatbot. Because of its sophisticated AI algorithms and user-friendly interface, it is a flexible tool for a variety of jobs. You can follow this blog for more AI Tips below.


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